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Parent Information Handbook

We have tried to answer some of the frequent questions parents and carers have about our school in our updated Parent Information Handbook. We hope this provides you with the information that you need and would be grateful for any feedback; if you think of something that we have missed, please let us know.

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To contact the school office please phone 01491 651862 or 01491 651862 or email parents@cholsey.oxon.sch.uk

Other Information

Can I take my child on holiday during term time?

Term time holidays are strongly discouraged due to the impact absence has on children’s progress and development. Unauthorised absence, which term time holiday is classed as, will be reported to the County Attendance Team and may result in a penalty notice. 

Which classes do Forest School and when should I arrive if I am helping?

All children in our Foundation Stage Class go to Forest School every week.

In Years 1&2, Forest School groups of children attend for a block. Parents and carers will be informed in advance. 

Children will be in their class group for Forest School and parent/carer rotas are emailed. Helpers should arrive at 9am (9.15am for Foundation Stage) for morning Forest School and 1pm for the afternoon session.

Forest School sessions are run by trained Forest School leaders and if they are absent for any reason, session may need to be cancelled at short notice. 


When will my child do PE?

Children have PE lessons twice a week. These are either with a class teacher or a specialist coach. However, sometimes opportunities for sporting activities arise at other times. Years 3-6 will all have a block of swimming each year as part of the curriculum.

Is there a Lost Property box?

We strongly recommend that all clothing, including outdoor wear, is labelled so that any items that go missing can be re-united with the owner. In the first instance you should carefully check the cloakroom areas, as items are often hidden. The next port of call is to alert the class teacher who will look out for the item. We do have a central collection of unnamed items in our disabled toilet near the library. We recommend you ask the office for assistance with this.

How will my child's class teacher communicate with me?

Class teachers will send out a curriculum letter at the beginning of every big term to describe the learning taking place that term. Foundation Stage send out a weekly information letter. All classes also use Dojo to communicate messages and updates to parents and carers. You will be invited to join your child’s class Dojo at the beginning of the school year. 

Teachers may arrange meetings with parents and carers throughout the year and are available to speak to at the end of the school day with prior arrangement through the school office. Parents Evenings are held in the Autumn and Spring terms and annual reports are sent out towards the end of the academic year.

What is a typical day's timetable for my child?

This can change on a daily basis depending on the learning needs of the children and activities available.

For EYFS please have a look at the EYFS page.

Typically in KS1 and KS2 the mornings will focus on literacy and maths which includes reading or phonics. The afternoons tend to be subjects like Music, PE, Computing, History, Geography (often the topic for the term) and Science. In KS1 time is also given for the children to investigate and consolidate their learning through structured play (see KS1 rationale).

When can my child start learning to play a musical instrument at school?

This depends on the instrument and sometimes on the size of the child. We are proud of the musical talent we have at Cholsey School and we provide recorder lessons for all children in Year 2. However, we have many visiting music teachers, who can offer group and private lessons for other instruments. Please ask at the School Office and they will direct queries to the relevant music teachers.

What are Reading Buddies'?

Classes in KS2 (Years 3-6) are each paired with a class in Foundation Stage or KS1. They will ‘buddy’ up once a week to listen to each other read. This may be older children reading to younger children, younger children reading to older children, or even a bit of both!. The children will discuss what they have read together. The children enjoy spending time together and getting to know each other, as well as spending valuable time enjoying books together.

My child has mentioned a 'Talk Partner'. What is that?

Children are paired by their class teacher with another child in the class to sometimes discuss the answer to a question. This supports actively engaging all children and giving them time to think, as well as helping to raise their confidence in putting their ideas forward, by sharing them with a partner first. Talk Partner pairings will change throughout the year.

Will my child get a snack during the school day?

Fruit is provided for all children in Foundation Stage and Years 1&2. Children can help themselves to fruit in Foundation Stage, and Years 1&2 have it available during Investigation Time. Children in Years 3-6 are welcome to bring in fruit or another healthy snack to eat at playtime.