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We CARE • Curiosity - Aspiration - Respect - Enthusiasm

Emmet, our Educational Assistance Dog – in training

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We are currently training a mini-labradoodle puppy called Emmet to become an Educational Assistance Dog with the charity DHK (Dogs Helping Kids) http://www.dogshelpingkids.co.uk/

Please click below for more information about our journey ahead. There will also be regular updates on the school blog about Emmet’s progress.

Update August 2019

Emmet passed his entry test to continue on his journey to become a certified Educational Assistance Dog. We will continue to update on the blog.

All About Emmet

DHK Puppy in Training

Type of School Dog
Emmet is training to become a DHK Educational Assistance Dog.

Owner/Handler of School Dog
Heidi McSweeney

Where the DHK School Dog is based
Emmet is in training at Cholsey Primary School, South Oxfordshire.

Assessment One, The DHK Entry Test

Emmet passed the DHK Entry Test in August 2019.

Emmet is a Mini Labradoodle, who was born in June 2018 and is training to be an Educational Assistance Dog at Cholsey Primary School in South Oxfordshire.

I first started researching the huge benefits of having an Educational Assistance Dog about 3 years ago and after being frustrated at the lack of training and support available to introduce a dog safely, thankfully found out about DHK and the accreditation they offer.

I attended the 2 day School Dog Workshop and found the advice and details shared daunting, but also hugely exciting. It was really useful to meet other current school dog owners and future ones. I am so grateful for the support I received from DHK in choosing Emmet and how to ensure he had the best possible start with my family, when he came to live with us last summer.

Emmet started coming to school in September and has settled well into a routine. He has already had a positive impact on the children and staff and we thoroughly enjoyed the Puppy Training Day at DHK in October, where Tracey and Gail were like magicians in showing his potential. Emmet is a very scruffy, mischievous and loving puppy. He is very eager to please and loves all the training we do, as well as chilling in his crate or bed; usually on his back with all four legs in the air. I have got used to dodging the various toys scattered around my office.

Although the children do not yet have any contact with Emmet, they are all becoming little dog experts with regular video updates in assemblies and sessions on ‘How to Speak Dog’.

We have a lot to practise before our next training day and the support and guidance from Gail and Tracey is invaluable in helping us to succeed.